Reganosa is an actor within the Spanish gas system which owns and operates part of the main network of pipelines, allowing to have a new entry of gas in a strategic point of the Iberian peninsula

It is certified as Transmission System Operator (TSO) by the National Commission on Energy and by the European Commission, which approves it as one of the main operators of transport networks and endorses it to operate in the global gas market. Reganosa is also able to contribute their knowledge to support to the development of the gas system at any place in the world.

The Reganosa assets include the regasification of Mugardos, equipped with two tanks of 150,000 cubic meters of unitary capacity. It receives, stores, reroutes and transforms liquefied natural gas (LNG) according to a few parameters of efficiency and flexibility.

The regasification facility is located in the vicinity of Navantia, the third shipyard in the world in ship repair gassers, and with that Reganosa maintains a collaboration agreement according to a market strategy.

The company's capital is divided between Gasifica, Gadisa, the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Forestal del Atlántico, First State Regasification SLU and Sonatrach. It is part of Spanish sectoral organizations Sedigas and Gasnam, as well as the European Gas Infrastructure Europe and ENTSOG.


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