Ghenova designs a ship to supply gas to other vessels for Reganosa in Ferrol


The contract is valued at 100,000 euros and involve other Galician and local business, as Gabadi.

 Reganosa will receive the design of a boat for gas delivery next November. Ghenova will be the engineering company in charge of designing the ship. One of the parts of the project is to turn the Galician plant into a logistics centre which could receive and load gas but also supply LNG to other ships.

The contract awarded to Ghenova -with engineering presence in several countries and a delegation in Ferrol- is valued at 100,000 euros and involve other Galician and local businesses, as Gabadi, explained the CEO of the engineering firm, Ropes Francisco. The ship will have capacity to transport 8,000 cubic meters of gas and is characterized by versatility, so that you can navigate any area and time of year.

José María Paz, president of Reganosa, recalled that the company has positioned itself at the forefront of the market for LNG as a maritime fuel, but insisted that the competition is tough. The Regional Minister of Industry, Francisco Conde expressed his agreement with José María Paz. The gas company assumes the guiding role to promote the required infrastructure in order to generate gas to propel the boats. They are aware that this is a growing business, but still undeveloped.


Source: The newspaper of energy //