The regional minister of Economy, Industry and Employment, Francisco Conde, said today in Parliament that the Hub of LNG is “an open door for a better future for Ferrolterra and Galicia as well”. It is configured as a strategic project within industrial policy of the Galician government which gives Ferrol a very important innovation and diversification of the shipbuilding sector.

Thus, Conde stressed that Reganosa, Navantia, the University of Santiago, the Port Authority of Ferrol and the Board itself have been working within the framework of the European project TEN-T, to the Hub's largest fuel distribution infrastructure Northwest peninsular. An initiative which, he explained, will grant the Galician shipyards the opportunity to build new vessels, both LNG suppliers as those that use liquefied natural gas as fuel; and also to work on the conversion of vessels already built for the use of LNG and its repairing.
Regarding this, the Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry stressed that Galicia is already taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this project, as shown in collaboration between Navantia and Reganosa, which is allowing the shipyard to offer more attractive and competitive repair services to the ships, only offered by the ports of Singapore and Ferrol so far. He also recalled what the repair area of Navantia gets to full employment nowadays.

"The Ferrol ría, headed by Reganosa, is highlighting the promotion of LNG as fuel for maritime fleets," said the Regional Minister. For this reason, he explained, the TEN-T European project will continue now with the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program, drawing a roadmap for the Hub which includes, among other measures, the promotion of the Centre of Excellence, which will help to develop the HUB staff and carry out the promotion and dissemination of the use of this fuel; conversion of public fleet dependent on rescue at sea; the adaptation of the existing jetty, providing better techniques to new ships berthing conditions; and preliminary engineering work for the construction of a new quay in the regasification terminal at Mugardos.

In this context, Conde seek to capture the opportunities offered by European plan for the period 2015-2024. A plan which, he recalled, includes the construction of a third tank; a second jetty for the plant, which will ensure continuous supply; and the new steamer, which will double the capacity of the regasification plant of Mugardos. "So Reganosa planned an investment of 60 million for the next five years just to meet the challenge of the introduction of LNG as a maritime fuel," said the Regional Minister.

Source: Government of Galicia //

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