Natural gas is a gaseous hydrocarbon consisting mainly of methane. It is considered a fossil fuel, like oil, therefore form part of the non-renewable energy already that its stock cannot be restored or at least not in a period of time affordable in human scale.

In recent years, natural gas has become an essential source of power for both Spain and the European Union (EU) mainly due to its low environmental impact, their low cost and abundance At the same time they have driven from the EU various Directives and Regulations with the intention of promoting the European gas system, creating an internal market of the gas, encouraging the infrastructure and interconnections between countries to ensure the supply of energy, etc. As regard this, the EU has also expressed the need to reduce the dependence on oil and reduce CO2 emissions. As a result of the mentioned characteristics of the natural gas and of the European legislation has begun to diversify the type of natural gas-related business. For example, it has begun to use this as a fuel both terrestrial and marine, what is leading to the need to create adequate infrastructures for refuelling.

The achievement of these objectives requires, in part, the use of alternative fuels in both terrestrial and maritime transport sector. Natural gas can play a key role in this reduction of CO2 emissions.

The purpose of this project, supported by a favourable legislative framework, by a situation of growth in the sector and a corporate responsibility is to make the port of Ferrol in the distribution centre of LNG as a fuel in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, being a pioneer in this field and collaborating in the development of a sustainable transport.