Activity 1 • Assessment of demand

Evaluate the potential demand for end-users (small ships, land-based users, offshore vessels, etc.) and adjust the target market of the port of Ferrol as point of supply of LNG as a fuel. In this phase is quantified the potential market of conversions and new construction of vessels powered by LNG, proceeding to the definition and analysis of different demand scenarios.

Activity coordinator · INEGA

Activity 2 • Design of the logistics chain

Define the logistics chain necessary to supply LNG to maritime or land-based facilities by sea. It is carried out the study, sizing and definition of the maritime and terrestrial means necessary in the scenarios of demand raised, by standardizing the connecting elements, transfer and measure, by identifying and managing the risks of supply interruption and studying the quality requirements of the LNG for each application referred toa.

Activity coordinator · Navantia

Activity 3 • Design of the adaptation of the LNG terminal of Mugardos

Design adaptation of the Reganosa LNG terminal so that enable it to operate transport of LNG vessels. To do this is performed a study of the design of the modifications and extensions to perform in the installations, integrate them in the regulatory framework of the Spanish and European gas system and define the actions to carry out these adaptations.

Activity coordinator · Reganosa

Activity 4 • Design of transfer procedures

Establish the necessary procedures from various perspectives, including the operational, legislative, environmental, security and sustainability and propose technical solutions for the supply of LNG in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, connecting with the international regulation and best practices available.


Activity 5 • Navigation studies

Identify criteria navigation applicable to ships for transport of LNG supplied to other ships or providing cabotage services of satellite coastal plants in ports, as well as conventional propelled LNG ships carrying their consumption at the Reganosa terminal.

Activity coordinator · APFSC